First Rainforest Hotel built in the Amazon - Since 1980
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The Amazon Lodge is a small rustic and very comfortable floating lodge with a protected cove blending perfectly with its rainforest surroundings. For over 36 years, it has been offering excursions with such wonderful landscapes in its varied ecosystems, which provides for the travelers a unique opportunity to learn about different wildlife, Amazonian cultures and hear many animals’ sounds that come from it. It’s really fascinating even for the people who have been managing this activity for over twenty years. It is also called the “Howler Monkey Lodge” because of the sounds of monkeys that are usually heard in the mornings. Besides this, another very important attraction that the Amazon Lodge can also offer is that it is practically guaranteed to see the Pink Dolphins.

Travelers can expect a service with an excellent quality: Gourmet food and warm hospitality from our team, who works with their workbook signed and registered by the company.  Amazon Lodge operates in a preserve area of 337 hectares of untouched jungle, which also has government license. It is located on the Juma Lake, where the water is black and acid, so the mosquito cannot easily proliferate. There are no risks of Malaria, Chikungunya or Dengue diseases in the lodge. Also, we use mosquito nets in every single room. All of the windows and doors are screened with mesh. As we said in the beginning, Amazon Lodge is a floating lodge, that’s why it operates all over the months of every year, independently of what water seasons are. Come on and enjoy it!

In the Amazon Lodge, we have a reception in conjunction with the Bar,  where you can buy a good caipiranha ,soft drink , cool Beer, nice Wine before and after meals.with nice chairs and hammocks for relaxing. The restaurant has a typical and rustic architecture, our food is very delicious, the basis of regional fish, poultry, meat and many fruits. Amazon Lodge is an authentic Jungle Lodge, we have no electricity during the day, only during the night, from 18:00h to 06:00h this by generator. We use only fans in the apartments.For well-being and security, as well as suitability with environmental standards, the Amazon Eco Lodge has a health and hydraulic system that is all pumped for a septic tank on land 300 meters from the Hotel. We do not have internet signal as well or cell, the Amazon Lodge was made for leisure, interaction and harmony with nature, no work or technology.

The rooms:
08 TWN Standard.
08 Double rooms, with 02 single beds and private bath.
06 Triple rooms, with 03 single beds and private bath.
04 Quadruple.
First Rainforest Hotel built in the Amazon - Since 1980